Walden provides charter bus service to camp…
  • June 26 at the start of First Session/Mini Session from the Detroit, Chicago and Cleveland* areas
  • July 8 at the start of Weeks 3-4 and the five-week session from the Detroit area only
  • July 24 at the start of Second Session/Two Weeks Second Session from the Detroit and Chicago 
Walden provides charter bus service from camp…
  • July 8 the last day of the Mini Session, to the Detroit area only
  • July 22 the end of First Session, to the Detroit, Chicago, and Cleveland* areas
  • August 5 at the end of the Two Weeks Second Session, to the Detroit area only
  • August 12 the last day of Second Session and end of camp, to the Detroit and Chicago areas

*Buses from and back to Cleveland will depend on demand

Blue Lakes charter buses feature HEPA filtered air-conditioning and bathrooms, and Walden staff ride on the buses with campers to and from camp.

Families may also drop off and pick up campers at camp. On arrival days, drop off occurs on our Athletic Field. Parents are not allowed any further onto camp grounds. We welcome parents to come into and tour camp at pick up the last day of First Session, July 22, and the last day of Second Session, August 12.