for First or Second Session campers

These campers will send their laundry out weekly, beginning the first Thursday of camp. Two-week campers will not send laundry out and thus need a 13-day supply of clothing.

Walden’s official camp outfitter is Brody’s in West Bloomfield, MI., 248-851-6232. Our Detroit-area camp families also shop Perfect Trading Co. in Bloomfield Hills, MI,

____ 8-10 pr shorts
____ 4-6 pr jeans/athletic pants
____ 12-14 long- and short-sleeve T-shirts (including a dark green or grey Walden T)
____ 2-3 sweatshirts (including a dark green or grey Walden sweatshirt)
____ 3-4 pr pajamas
____ 12 pr underwear and socks
____ 3 swimsuits
____ 1 raincoat or poncho
____ 1-2 mid-weight jackets
____ 1 pr water shoes
____ 1-2 pr athletic shoes for sports (basketball, soccer, tennis)
____ 1 pr hiking shoes (a sturdy athletic/trail shoe can often substitute)
____ 1 pr rainboots, if hiking shoe is not waterproof
____ If horseback riding: cowboy or paddock boot
____ 1 laundry bag
____ 3-4 bath towels
____ 3-4 wash cloths and/or hand towels
____ 2 large duffel bags